Lake of Pregnant Maiden - Dayang Bunting Island


Lake of the Pregnant Maiden
Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden) is closely associated with the romantic exploits of Mambang Sari, a beautiful fairy princess and Mat Teja - her male counterpart. Mambang Sari used to frequent the island accompanied by her maids. Their favourite spot was Pasir Teluk Air Tahun and Teluk Lawak. One day Mat Teja saw Mambang Sari and was struck by her beauty. He fell in love with her and would follow her wherever she went. Once, while looking for her, he met Tok Diang, an old man from the village.

Mat Teja told him of his love for Mambang Sari but didn't know to let the princess know. He feared that his love might not be reciprocated.Tuk Diang then told him to take a cylindrical bamboo vessel, walk along the beach at ebb tide and catch the tears of a mermaid at a place called Telok Kahar. When he got the tears, he was to wipe his face with it.

Mat Teja did just that and when Mambang Sari saw him she fell in love with him. They often met at various beautiful places on the island. They became more intimate and as a result Mambang Sari became pregnant and later gave birth. She chose to go to the lake for her accouchement. Unfortunately, the child died after seven days. Saddened by the death, Mambang Sari took the child's body and threw it into the lake. The lake later came to be known as Tasik Dayang Bunting. Some people believe the water of the lake possess a mystical  power that helps barren women to conceive.

The story has been passed down the generations - taking a life of its own with embellishments and drama both profane and sacred. Today, Pulau Dayang Bunting, as the second largest island in the Langkawi group is a popular tourist destination. The island, which is about 20 kilometres from Kuah town, is modestly populated on one side and virtually uninhabited on the other, where the lake is situated. During weekends and holidays boat loads of visitors make a beeline for the place.

A small concrete jetty facilitates boat landings but during low tide it can be quite tricky as most boatmen find it rather difficult to manoeuvre their crafts over the sharp corals in the area. A long and rather steep flight of steps lead from the landing area up the hillside over the escarpment that divides the sea and the 10 hectare freshwater lake.

Basic amenities for visitors are available but nothing in the way of accommodation, though, unless you want to camp out. Besides just soaking-in the peaceful ambiance of the lake, visitors can swim in its cool water or indulge in the numerous water toys available, including the banana boat ride, water-cycle and paddle boating.

Opening Hours:
Opens all the time.

Free (Island hopping boats make a stop at the lake. You pay for the package)

Jetty, concrete steps to the lake, toilets, look-out point, water recreation facilities, campsite, souvenir shop (also selling drinks).


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